Greg Lake explains how he came to join Asia in the One 2 One section of this site: "I got a call
from Carl (Palmer) about 3 weeks before the ASIA IN ASIA show was supposed to happen. It was
a big deal; they had done lots of promotion for it with MTV. Things with the band and John Wetton
came to a head (I'm not sure what the real problem was) and he left at the last minute. Carl called
and said he had to ask a favor. I thought he wanted to borrow a guitar or something. He explained the
situation and asked me if I would do the show. He felt I was the only one who could pull it off. I didn't
say yes at first. After a while, I thought about it and agreed to do only the MTV show and a few select
dates in Japan. It was nerve wracking. I had to learn all those songs in a matter of a couple of weeks,
not to mention, I had to fit in and rehearse with the band. We pulled it off, and it was a good concert."