On working with Asia for the MTV special,
"Asia In Asia"...

It was a bit of a frightening experience. I got this call from Carl one night, and he said: "Hey Greg, man, do you think you could do us a bit of a favor?" I thought he wanted to borrow a guitar or something. And he asked if I could do this show in Japan. And I said "What are you talking about? And he said: "Well, we've fallen out with John and there's this big show and..." And I am a friend of John Wetton, so I didn't think I could. It's a bit of an uncomfortable situation and Carl said, "Oh no, John doesn't mind."
So, I called John up and I told him about the offer and he said go ahead and do it. So, I went and did it but it was very strenuous because I only had a few weeks to learn an entire set of songs that I had nothing to do with writing. And I had to do it all live. Yeah, it was a bit nerve wracking. It was just a one off thing. I think John Kalodoner from Geffen Records at one time he had visions of me staying in the band, but they were too pop for me. I couldn't have stayed in that band.

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