On the legendary King Crimson LP, "In
The Court Of The Crimson King...

I think it was an important record, now that I look back. I think it did bare influence on music of that time. And so I suppose in that way it had an influence on music all the way through. But it's very difficult for me, as someone who was a part of the creative process at that time, to look at it objectively and to say how much of an influence it actually was. I mean, I only say that I think it was an influence because other people say so. I think also that albums are connected to certain periods in
your life. They identify a point in your life. And I think for a lot of people, the King Crimson album was their first exposure to serious music in a rock'n'roll form. I think it was also the pioneering album for technology in the sense of the mellotron and where rock fans could have some serious jazz and classical music appreciation. Orchestral sounds were brought into modern rock music. And, also, the attitude of progressive avant garde type of ideas. We would play things deliberately out of tune and in time signatures that didn't work. We even played solos where there was no key.

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