On The Making of "Black Moon" & the
ELP 1992 Reunion

That LP was well recorded. We were lucky to have our producer, Mark Mancina, a long time fan of the band. He really understood what ELP was. He also was a master with the technology. We got a blend of someone who understood the music and the principles of ELP. He was recommended to us by Victory Records. That's how it came about. They sent us a song of Mark's and we
liked it a lot. He just seemed to be the obvious person to do it. Previously I had produced all the records myself and I had grave doubts as to whether or not I could work with another producer, but he was marvelous. We decided as a group that if we should do this, we should do it as if we never stopped for the last decade. Take all technology by the horn and put it in to the room and find out what we should use and what we shouldn't. We should keep our identity there, but if possible, we should take advantage of the technology. What it tends to do is give you opportunities. It gives you more variety of sounds, more permutations, and sonically, it gives you a higher standard. But it doesn't make it quicker.

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