Greg Lake on creating new music at this
point in his life

Although I have a different perspective on art and life than I did in my twenties, I don't think it's age related. I think that all of a sudden, it just happens and it becomes tapping into some universal flow of inspiration. When you latch into that, then great art can occur. It could be the result of whatever particular
circumstances one is involved with. It could be due to the people you're with. It could be due to records you're listening to at the time. It might be the various states of mind you're in and all those things. But once you latch into it, you're carried by a wave of energy which somehow flows through you. Robert Fripp described it actually very well: 'It's something that's outside of you'. Not something under your control, it's something that kind of joins you, you know? Like a light that shines down on you, and when it does, you're energized. Some people call it finding your "Muse."

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