Greg Lake on what makes his solo
career different than his time creating
music within ELP

Working as a solo artist is obviously very different from working in the context of a band such as ELP. Despite the fact that ELP was a great band to be a part of, because there were only three of us, it sometimes became frustrating to not be able to create and perform some of the more song and guitar
oriented things that I wanted to do. These are things that never got done because there just wasn't the opportunity in the context of that band. It's just very difficult for a three piece band to cover all the bases. If I pick up a guitar, there's no bass player, I suppose we could have added other musicians and singers, but that really wasn't the way ELP was. So there is a lot of latent energy still to be used and songs that I feel are still to be written. These were not brought to the surface during that period.

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