English synopsis of Beatleg article by Reiko Takayama

The interviewer notes that Greg eagerly wants to come off his concerts in Japan in coming October.

Greg's voice was in very bad condition at Jacksonville show and it was totally damaged in the daytime of next day.

However he had anyhow finished the Clearwater show, then after some days off, his voice recovered on the day of the interview in Dallas.

The first question is about the idea of this tour, and his answer is the same as he told at his other interviews that the idea came out while he was writing his autobiography.

Then the interviewer asks if he was convinced of the success of the tour because of this kind of format without precedent.

His answer is that he wasn't convinced at the time when he thought of this idea, but had a view of the concept.

The main concept of this tour was to share the experiences.

He says that the songs were his own properties when he wrote them, but they became a part of the audience and their properties along with their own experiences after long years.

About the backing tape which he played for the tour:

He used the original take, new take and the live all together. The sound at the show was mixed of the nostalgic original take, the live and the newly prepared one for this tour. For example, in case of Lucky Man, the part of harmony was taken away from the original take, then he overdubbed it on the new backing track. Then, he added his live performance on to all of them.

Most of the new takes were played by Greg himself because of his perfectionism, since he wanted to make the show perfect.

The medley from Epitaph to In The Court Of The Crimson King was specially made for this show and Greg is proud of it.

About "Shakin' All Over":

Greg wondered if he should play this song or not, but decided to do since Shakin' All Over was the hit song of Jonny Kidd and the Pirates which was the band that Greg experienced live for the first time in his life. 

Also Greg adds that Hank Marvin of the Shadows was the heroic guitarist for him when he was a beginner.

How he started the career as the vocalist?

When he played on the amateur bands, he played many hit songs.  At that time, he learned various styles of singing by different singers.

At the show, Greg told The Gods was a terrible group.  About it:
The Gods didn't have its own style, it existed for the commercial reason only. It was the band like a merry-go-round on which someone jumped and from which he jumped off. It was not good band without heart or soul, but some of the members were good.

About Robert Fripp:

Greg and Robert took the guitar lesson under Don Strike and he said they understood their playing style each other. (as he told at other interviews and his auto-bio)

How come he produced ELP albums:

Just after forming ELP, they didn't have time to find a producer and Greg had an experience of producing an album at KC. He is proud of albums in early years such as Trilogy, Tarkus and BSS.  Each of them had the unique sound and was totally original. But Works Vol. 1 was the beginning of the end of the band.

Is it true that Pictures At An Exhibition (at City Hall in New Castle) was recorded on the two tracks cassette?

Yes, it is true.  It was recorded only for the purpose of making the copy for themselves. The rest of the show must have been recorded and someone would have kept the master tape.

Two month ago, BBC broadcasted the clear video of the live performance at Korakuen in 1972. It was different version of what Japanese TV broadcasted. It means that BBC would keep the master video. The writer who informed this news to the interviewer requests Greg to negotiate with BBC to dig the video and release it officially:

Greg didn't see the broadcast by BBC, but he remember the show very well. He is very interested in this matter and tells the interviewer that he would ask to BBC.

(Next question is about the technical aspect of playing the bass.
I'm not familiar with the terms of the instrument. So I skip it.)

It is said that the enormous debts made ELP break up.  Is it true?:

The experience of playing with orchestra was fantastic. But the loss was 3 million dollars since 140 people moved with 11 trucks and trailers. The show at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal was wonderful, but that was the beginning of the end. The era itself ended.

About the Love Beach:

All of guys weren't happy with recording the new album.  They were forced to make a new album because of the contract. As Greg didn't want to stay there, he went back to London as soon as the recording finished. The album was not so bad looking back now, but it's not the best one of ELP.

About Gary Moore:

Greg asked Gary to play solo in "Love You Too Much" which was the collaboration with Greg and Bob Dylan. Gary came up to the Abby Road Studio and played his solo. (I believe you have already heard this story so I skip it)

About EL&Powell:

Cozy was the great drummer.  It was different chemistry for Keith and Greg with Cozy from that with Carl. The sound became more powerful and heavier since Cozy had a hard rock sound. Carl played more jazzy.

About the recording of Good Looking Boy:

Playing with Roger and Pete was very great experience. They are really The Who itself then and now.

About Black Moon and In The Hot Seat:

These albums are nice but not of ELP. They are ELP through the eyes of the producers. Mark Mancina is not only the great producer but also Greg's good friend and the person who has wonderful musical talent.
But ELP in his vision is not like original ELP.

About the new version of PAAE:

Greg isn't satisfied the PAAE recorded in In The Hot Seat. It lost something which the original version used to have. Analog sound was lively as if it were human, but digital sound is just a copy. The development of the technology is not always progress of the sound.

About Keith and Carl:

Greg doesn't keep in touch with them so often. They don't like to go on tour as ELP. Greg has a personal opinion that they should go on tour as long as the audience want to see them live. He keeps the door open and is ready to do it.  It's depending on Keith and Carl.

The last question is about the plan of the new album:

Greg says that he is on recording of the new album. As he doesn't have intention to release it as a duty, so it took time. But being inspired at present, he wants to complete the new album by all means.


(Many thanks to Reiko for her translation)