Update Re: Keith & Euro Tour

Dear friends and fans all over the world.

Many of you may have seen recently that Keith and I were forced to cancel our tour of Japan due to a serious medical problem discovered during a routine medical by Keith just after the High Voltage Festival here in London. As a result of this Keith is currently in hospital recovering from a series of operations which we are all hoping will bring him back to good health.

However, the type of surgery that Keith has undergone is major and it will take some considerable time for him to fully recover. For this reason we have decided that it would be best if we also cancel the European leg of the tour as well. Of course we do hope to reschedule both the Japanese and the European legs of the tour at some point in the future, but we will only be able to make this announcement a little further down the line once we see how quickly things are progressing along.

During this past week Stewart, myself and all the members of Keith's family have been supporting him wherever and however we can and I have to say that Keith has been extremely brave. He was in intensive care for a number of days but I am pleased to hear that he is apparently now back in his own room and starting to feel a little bit better. This of course is really good news and I hope to be able to visit him tomorrow for the first time since the operation.

I suppose that it goes without saying that both of us were terribly disappointed about not being able to continue on with these tours right now as we were both really looking forward to seeing everyone in Japan and throughout Europe, but this was an extremely serious situation which could not be ignored or postponed so I hope everyone will understand that we would not have taken such a decision unless it was absolutely necessary.

I am sure you would all want to wish Keith well and I will certainly do my best to pass on to him any best wishes that you would like to convey by posting them on this website.If anyone would like more detail about Keith's current state of recovery, etc. then please log on to his website at www.keithemerson.com.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and I look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.

Greg Lake.

September 23, 2010

Japan Dates Cancelled

The performances at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall on October 4th, 5th, 8th, and at Matsushita IMP Hall on October 7th have been cancelled due to Keith Emerson requiring an urgent surgery to remove a polyp that was recently discovered in his descending colon.

Refunds will be issued at the point of purchases between September 15th until October 8th for the Tokyo performances, and September 16th until October 17th for the Osaka performance.

Please accept our deepest apologies for the inconveniences we have caused.
Please see Udo Artist's official announcement for the refund instruction (in Japanese).

Message from Keith Emerson

Dear Friends in Japan,

During a routine medical examination, a colonoscopy revealed a rather dangerous polyp in my lower colon. It is of the conclusion of the doctors here in London that I must undergo surgery immediately. Unfortunately, the timing of this urgent surgery does not allow me to start touring in early October because of the required period of hospitalization and recuperation.
I must remain optimistic that all will turn out well. Sadly, "Emerson & Lake" must postpone our tour in Japan for now. I regret this deeply and extend my sincere apologies to those who already had tickets. Greg and I have worked hard and were looking very much forward to playing to you, and to revisit your beautiful country and people. We were even planning a drummer contest to have Japanese drummers perform with us on the stage on a song or two! My priority now is to recover fully and speedily so that we can deliver fantastic shows when we return there. We hope to see all of you then.

Love and Respect,

Keith Emerson.

September 15, 2010

Keith Emerson and vocal and guitar legend Greg Lake welcome original King Crimson flautist Ian MacDonald to the final two dates of their first North American tour.

"An Intimate Evening With Keith Emerson and Greg Lake" is wrapping up the final two dates of their debut North American tour with special guest, King Crimson original flautist Ian MacDonald, at the Sherman Theatre in Stroudsburg, PA on Friday May 14th and at Xanadu Theater at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City NJ this Saturday May 15th.

"This is probably the closest people will ever see to the original King Crimson," explains vocalist and guitarist Greg Lake. "As we are inviting audiences to experience the music as it was written and originally performed, it was natural to invite Ian to join us."

The tour has played to sold out houses across the country as fans have taken advantage of their first opportunity to see the one of the world's greatest keyboard players in Keith Emerson and hear Rock and Roll's defining voice and guitarist, Greg Lake, join forces for the first time in an intimate setting which invites audience participation in the show.

It is "Emerson and Lake Exposed," said one critic, explaining that the interaction with the audience along with the true stories of how the selected songs from the Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson and Nice catalog came to be written provides each audience with a uniquely different show every night.

Critics and fans alike have been praising their recent musical intricacies on this current tour in a very intimate setting that has been purely phenomenal and fan captivating. The addition of Ian MacDonald, whose writing and instrumentals flavoured King Crimson and Foreigner, brings yet another dimension to audiences as they see the music they love performed in a way that they never have before.

So intriguing and different is each show, which includes not only storytelling by Emerson and Lake, but a question and answer session with audience members, that some fans have been to as many as a dozen shows, experiencing something different and wonderful each time.

"You can't get tired of it," says one who has seen half a dozen shows on the tour. "It is different absolutely every night and they get better and better. Greg's voice is the best it has ever been and I never get tired of watching Keith at the keyboards. Truly amazing!"

May 30, 2010

To all my friends and fans:

I have been very touched by how many of you cared so deeply about me. Your good wishes and prayers brought me a great deal of comfort during a difficult time.

I apologise to all those inconvenienced at the Colorado show.

Luckily for me and for the tour we will be able to continue as planned. However, in Colorado, there was no other possible alternative than to cancel the show. Please know that I would never cancel a performance on a whim.

I am sorry we seem to have hit these few stumbling blocks on this tour regarding cancellations. However I will not allow this to overshadow the absolutely fantastic response we are receiving every single night from the fans while performing to packed out houses all across the country.

Fingers crossed this will now see an end to these setbacks and that the tour will now continue along unhindered.

Again I offer my most sincere apologies to all those who have suffered inconvenience or disappointment as a result of these cancellations but can assure each and everyone that there is nothing more depressing for us as artists than to be forced to cancel a show that we had travelled thousands of miles to play and were looking forward to performing. We therefore share in your disappointment and hope to be able to make it up to you all one day in the not too distant future.

Very Best Wishes,

Greg Lake

April 30, 2010

UPDATE: Colorado Springs, CO show cancelled

Greg felt ill upon reaching the theatre tonight. A doctor was called. With great sadness we had to cancel tonight's show.

April 28, 2010