Florian Opahle

Live-and Studiomusician

Florian Opahle was born in Gladbeck (NRW), Germany on February 1, 1983. At the age of 5 he started his musical education at the school of music in Rosenheim, Bavaria, Germany.

From 1988 - 2002 Florian is taught classical guitar, electric guitar and piano by reputed music teachers from Salzburg, Austria; Munich, Germany and Rosenheim, Germany. He participated in many international guitar weeks and master class workshops in Germany and the USA led by artists such as Al di Meola and Frank Wallace.

During these years Florian plays in several bands in the Bavarian and Austrian area, covering different styles of music from blues to jazz and rock as well as playing in classical orchestras.

In spring 2002 he graduates from the European musical Ignaz-Gunther-Gymnasium (grammar school) in Rosenheim, Germany. Already during this time he works as a live and studio musician in recording studios in Germany; for example, the Park Studios in Tutzing, Germany. That is where he meets the artists Masha and Curly.

From 2002 - 2003, Florian works as lead guitarist for these artists in music videos, concerts and TV shows in Germany, like WDR Rockpalast, THE DOME, VIVA Interactive, Tranenpalast ARTE, Mc. Chartshow.

In 2003 Florian goes on tour with Masha through Germany. After this engagement he gets the offer to tour with Masha in Europe as a support act for the rock legend Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). During this tour he plays Montreaux Jazz Festival, being the youngest guitarist to perform there in the last 20 years. In the same period Florian plays as a session musician for the group "Soulmates," together with artists like Ian Anderson, Chris Thompson, Bill Evans and others.

In December 2003 he gets the offer to play for Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) as lead guitarist.

In January 2004 the first concert in this formation takes place as part of a TV concert in Napoli, Italy that will be broadcast all over the world. This event is followed by different recording sessions, for example, the Masha-single "Right Here" (Top 50 in the German music charts) and many concerts and TV shows with Masha during the first half of 2004.

From July 2004 on Florian goes on tour as lead guitarist for the act "Ian Anderson Plays Orchestral Jethro Tull", which takes him to Italy, Greece, Scotland, France and Germany. During this tour a DVD is recorded of the concerts in Germany.

In autumn 2004 Florian does some recording sessions for the latest album of the Italian artist Alessia D`Andrea in Calabria, Italy.

In 2005 Florian produces music for the TV series "Arme Millionare" that will be broadcast on RTL in the autumn of 2005. The successful work with Ian Anderson goes on in 2005 playing concerts and touring in the Czech Republic, Scotland and South America (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile).

In May 2005 Florian gets the offer to play for the music legend Greg Lake (King Crimson, ELP)...to be continued!