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Name: Betsy
Date: 09/23/2010 09:31:17
Message: The Tale of The Sage When I was 14 I wanted to graduate from my $20 Mexican-market guitar. My parents weren't keen on the idea since I had recently quit taking piano lessons. (What was there to learn after the two-part inventions?) Besides, in their minds 14-year-old girls only played the guitar around campfires and my $20 dollar special was good enough for that. To convince them I was serious I pulled out my new Pictures LP, played The Sage for them, and promised to learn it. They agreed, and signed me up for classical lessons, but unfortunately my teacher convinced me that Classical Gas was a better choice if I had to go pop. (Looking back, I suspect that he just didn't know The Sage.) I haven't played much since my carpal tunnels went nasty around the turn of the century. But when a friend posted to her Facebook wall the video of The Sage played by young Greg Lake, that riled up my ELP obsession all over again. Carpal tunnels be damned, I think it's finally time I learned The Sage. And I'm going to learn it on that very guitar. So thank you for sharing your great talent and wonderful music with us over the years...and thanks, too, for helping me get my first real guitar.

Name: Sara
Date: 09/15/2010 13:19:11
Message: Hi Greg!! I'm Sara from North Italy, i'm 22 years old. Since i have discovered the wonderful music of ELP and your AMAZING VOICE ( it makes me always shiver!) i'm totally fall in love with this sound and music. In November i will see you and Keith in concert and i'm so excited!! for me it's the first time and i really can't believe that this will happen! I always listen your most beautiful and poignant ballads when i'm sad and this comfort me very much. I really admire you as one of my favourite artist! Thanks for all that you made!!!!

Name: Linda Bittle
Date: 09/14/2010 22:34:56
Message: C'est La Vie...that's how I live and I learned it from you! Introduced to your music in 1977 and still a fan...Thank you!

Name: Christian
Date: 08/29/2010 09:00:59
Message: "Epitaph", never a song did a such impact on my life... Thanks.

Name: Mary
Date: 08/27/2010 01:37:25
Message: ELP is still one of my favorite groups.I was young then and now I teach my twenty something child about your music>cannot say how many speaker I blew out listeneing to you. Missed you at the LOng Beach Blues Festival where I was working. You are my fav> Love Brain Salad Surgery.

Name: Laura Austan
Date: 08/12/2010 18:40:17
Message: Just a note of thanks for all the years of making me feel...and the many eargasms. 33 years later, and still you turn me on.

Name: Eric Zwerling
Date: 07/28/2010 18:39:43
Message: Greg - I just want you to know how much joy you've given to people you don't even know. I've seen ELP several times, including the Salad and Moon tours, as well you and Keith this spring at the Keswick in PA. Then and now, you weave an enchanting and beautiful spell. In fact, during "Lucky Man" a few months back, the mood you created was so compelling, I was literally moved to tears. So much so, and so unforgettably so, that I just had to find a way to let you know - you're deeply appreciated and sincerely loved. In what can be an ugly world at times, you've been a source of joy for me for 40 years now. Your music is a familiar and comfortable refuge. Rock on, old friend - as long as you play it, I'll come to see it. Be well.

Name: Richard Whiteside
Date: 07/27/2010 11:31:22
Message: years after seeing ELP at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, the show at High Voltage, London in 2010 was spectacular and the live CD stunning. Hopefully not the last ever ELP concert.

Name: Mitchell Duncan
Date: 07/13/2010 02:24:04
Message: I'd really like to thank you for your life of music. Being a teenage prog fan isn't easy, but King Crimson and ELP really help remind me that it's all worth it. One day I hope that I can be on stage, keeping progressive rock alive, peace.

Name: Terry Campbell
Date: 06/04/2010 12:22:50
Message: Hello Greg aka Big G, As soon as I have time I'll send in the story of Memphis 1974. A night you vowed the three of us would always remember. I hope you will. Thanks for this website and everything else, Terry

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